Pipilotti Rist’s ‘Worry Will Vanish’: A Refreshing Escape From A Gloomy London Day

Leave your shoes in the lobby and escape into a new world with Pipilotti Rist‘s latest exhibition, Worry Will Vanish at Hauser & Wirth. Plush, white duvets scattered across the carpeted floors invite viewers to get cosy and direct their eyes to the two floor-to-ceiling screens, which display the work.


Entitled “Worry Will Vanish Horizon”, Rist’s emotional and at times trippy piece is meant to portray a journey through the human body. Hands, feet, flowers, leaves, ocean waves and a black sky teeming with stars effortlessly grace the screen, intermixed with shots of what looks like the inside of a body. Far from being grotesque however, these internal images feel completely natural and somehow peaceful too, almost like what is must be like to be a baby inside the womb.

Another strangely beautiful sequence portrays a nude woman jumping up and down, her breasts bouncing totally unhindered. The relaxed and carefree spirit of the image is breathtaking and made me want to rip off my bra there and then.

But perhaps my most favourite moment of the piece, is a journey through what looks like a rainforest. The camera weaves its way through a tangle of lush green leaves covered in dewdrops, only I could swear the dewdrops are made of diamonds. Even the spiderwebs living in the leaves appear to be touched by magic, bathing in glitter. In this way, the artwork’s images not only delight the eyes, but also teach you to see things in a different light.

A zen-like score composed by Anders Guggisberg, and made up of both music and nature sounds (water, birds etc.), completes the experience.

Although I’ve never previously been a fan video work, I sat through at least three loops of the Rist film, and 45 minutes from when I first plopped onto a duvet, I still didn’t want to leave. I was utterly and blissfully lost in the art, the whole experience a beautiful escape.

Rist’s title doesn’t lie, worry will vanish.

-India Irving

Worry Will Vanish is on view at Hauser & Wirth until January 10, 2014; 23 Savile Row, W1S 2ET; Tuesday – Satuday 10AM – 6PM; Admission: FREE

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