So close we can taste it! Why ArtAttack Should Make the #P2PLondon Finals

Almost two weeks ago, we found out that ArtAttack had made the semi-finals in a startup competition called #P2PLondon. Put on by Pitchswag, the first online business incubator, this exciting event will bring entrepreneurs, investors and co-founders from across the globe together, providing an opportunity to network, meet investors, pitch and even win some money.

While we were thrilled to make the top 20, only the top 10 startups will actually be competing in the final event, so as you can imagine, we are laser focused on staying in the game. The question is, with some great competition, why should we make it through?

Here are the top 4 reasons ArtAttack should make #P2PLondon’s top 10 finalists:

1) We are UNIQUE.

We are the only Art app competing. Apart from adding diversity to the competition, this element is KEY because Art is a $66 billion dollar industry and one of the few closed markets that has yet to be opened up digitally. Global online Art sales are climbing and expected to reach $3.76 billion in the next 5 years (Reuters). ArtAttack is emerging as the first of its’ kind at exactly the RIGHT time, positioned to disrupt the Art market like SoundCloud did for music, iBooks for publishing and Uber for cabs.

2) We are SOCIAL

Our social media is booming. Every day, despite our product still being in development, we gain followers 100% organically across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This is because our content is ENGAGING and our product is already IN DEMAND. Plus, our followers include TOP, V.I.P. figures in the art world from famed Chinese Contemporary Artist Ai Weiwei, to auction houses Sotheby’s, Christies and Phillips, to top galleries like Blain Southern and Saatchi. We have the legitimate Art World respect that Art platforms need to succeed, while at the same time remaining approachable enough for any art lover, emerging artist or art student to jump on board.

3) We have a NETWORK

Through our social media as well as multiple meetings, phone calls, gallery visits and coffee dates, we have created a NETWORK of Art World heavyweights excited and ready to use our App. By having such legends on our platform, we not only immediately become competitive, but also give incredible networking power to our younger, emerging artists, allowing them the opportunity to access people who can make a real difference in their career.

4) We have a PLAN

Our solid business and financial plans were created under the wise and watchful eye of our CFO, who’s 8-year finance background specialising in tech, means we are as focused and prepared for the business side, as we are for the Art. Translation, we know how to make money and we are set up to do so. (Or, in the words of Rihanna because we all need some humour on a Tuesday, “All I see is signs.“)

Oh yeah, we’re funny too!

#P2PLondon, let’s do this!

– India Irving

For more information on #P2PLondon and Pitchswag, follow @PitchswagLtd on Twitter or visit

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