Visionary Work Brightens My Tuesday at Westminster MMFA Show

And so Degree Show season continues! Last evening, Tuesday 2nd June, I attended University of Westminster‘s Mixed Media Fine Art show, ‘Names‘, where a cool basement vibe and huge crowd set the scene for lots of great work.

Almost maze-like, the underground exhibition space seemed never-ending, with more art greeting me around every corner, and even one exceptional piece all the way up on the fourth floor.

This work, by Pascal Colman, literally leads you on a treasure hunt to find it — standard white paper with doodled arrows pointing you down a hallway, up three flights of stairs, then into a lift and down a long corridor. But once inside, the soundscape piece is well worth the effort, perhaps even more meaningful due to the journey. We are hoping to interview the artist on this extraordinary work for an upcoming blog, so for now we’ll say no more.

In any case, here are some of my other favourite works from the show:

image7 (2)
Artist & Title Unknown (Please feel free to be in touch if you know who’s work this is)

This is definitely the most dramatic piece in the exhibition, and I absolutely love it. It feels like Alexander McQueen meets ‘Black Swan‘ meets Jackson Pollock. The photo definitely does it no justice. 

image6 (6)
Jason Tessier, 2015
image5 (11)
Jason Tessier, 2015

These paintings by Jason Tessier are simple in the best way. I especially like the harsh angles of the contrasting colours coupled with the repetitive fluidity of the black squiggles.

image4 (15)
Natasha Menda, ‘Lock the Door,’ Mixed media, 2015

Natasha Menda’s eerily titled, ‘Lock the Door,’ feels like a sort of tribute to Tracy Emin‘s ‘My Bed’, a critical difference of course being that this is a child’s bedroom. Or is it… I should also mention that ‘Sailor Moon‘ plays on loop on the TV. Need I say more?

image4 (14)
Johnathan Gillespie, ‘The Poison Tree,’ Mixed media, 2015

Those expressive, stark white hands reaching so emotionally and fluidly from amidst the bark actually froze me in my tracks last night. I find everything about this Johnathan Gillespie piece absolutely intriguing.

Helena Collins, 'Brace Yourself,' Steel, jesmonite & plaster, 2015
Helena Collins, ‘Brace Yourself,’ Steel, jesmonite & plaster, 2015

This Helena Collins installation is the first artwork I really settled into looking at upon entering the show. It’s one just begging to be examined.

Georgios GreeKalogerakis, 'Untitled,' stainless steel, sounds vibrator, 2015
Georgios GreeKalogerakis, ‘Untitled,’ stainless steel, sounds vibrator, 2015

Intricate and clean, but with so much going on, this work by Georgios GreeKalogerakis is definitely a standout.

image2 (23)
Jamie Shaw, 2015
image3 (20)
Jamie Shaw, 2015

There are four paintings in this Jamie Shaw series on view, and one is really more stunning than the next. They are creepy and haunting, innocent yet somehow perverse, an absolute highlight of the night.

  – India Irving

University of Westminster MMFA Degree Show is on view until 4th June 2015; Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS; Open Daily 11AM – 6PM; Admission: FREE

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