Uplifting Art Night Out at the Slade Graduate Show

After a truly energising experience at the Slade School of Fine Art Undergraduate Degree show, I was excited, last evening 11th June, to see what the graduate classes had come up with for their exhibition. Unsurprisingly, the show was beautifully put together, and full of fun and unique work, from painting, to video, to installation, even a giant, red, worm-like fabric piece that loops its’ away all around the building, slithering from the basement to the roof, and creeping up on you just when you least expect it.

A particular favourite corner of mine belongs to artist, Noga Shatz, who’s black and white works on paper of upside-down females, I find exceptionally enticing. The photo sadly doesn’t do them much credit, but to give you context, I came back twice to see these and would probably have done so again, had there not been cheeky barbecue waiting for me at home.

Noga Shatz, 2015
Noga Shatz, 2015

Nina Eunhee Hong‘s installation is another standout work. The attention to detail is second to none — from a tiny sculpture of a foot gracefully resting in the middle of the floor, to one lone side of a white box painted bright pink. This work is decidedly feminine, with single breasts scattered throughout the room and a patterned dress attracting the main focus of the piece. There is such thoughtfulness inherent in the work, which definitely made me smile.

Nina Eunhee Hong, 2015
Nina Eunhee Hong, 2015

Another piece I really connc, is Myung Hoon So‘s installation on the top floor. The work itself is made up of a pot of flowers, giving the illusion of being held up by long strips of red cloth. It feels almost like a shrine, especially as the artist asks you to water the plants. A small card on the windowsill instructing the viewer to put on the provided pair of noise-blocking headphones and then use the spray bottle to gently mist the flowers. The ritual is surprisingly zen and calming, and makes for a lovely moment of human/artwork interaction.

Myung Hoon So, 2015
Myung Hoon So, 2015

Here are some more snaps from the evening:

Artist Unknown (Please feel free to be in touch with us should you know who's work this is)
Katja Larsson, 2015
Artist Unknown (Please feel free to be in touch with us should you know who's work this is)
Rory Biddulph, 2015
Artist Unknown (Please feel free to be in touch with us should you know who's work this is)
Eiko Soga, 2015

If you find yourself around UCL, this is definitely one to catch!

– India Irving

Slade School of Fine Art Graduate Show is on view at Slade School of FIne Art until 21 June; Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT; Open Weekdays 10AM-8PM (Weekends until 5PM); Admission: FREE

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