Blain Southern Showcases Their Behind-the-Scenes Talent with ‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain’

Consisting of 12 diverse artworks by 9 different artists, ‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain‘ is Blain Southern‘s summer tribute to its’ staff, “celebrating the wealth of emerging artistic talent within the gallery.” Benjamin BrettMark Couzens, Jamie George, Jonny Green, Benjamin Jamie, Deklan Kilfeather, Jonathan Kipps, Leon Matis Robin Monies and Ian Segrave all work for Blain Southern, as it were, behind the curtain; this show gives them a space to shine as artists in their own right.

Just downstairs from the gallery’s current Tony Cragg-curated ‘Andreas Schmitten, Gereon Lepper and Mathias Lanfer‘ you’ll find #BehindTheCurtain. The PV took place last evening, Tuesday 5th October, and was rightfully packed with a crowd of people, sipping icy Asahi and admiring the breadth of work on show, including painting, sculpture, textiles, conceptual pieces and illustration.

My personal favourite work of the exhibition is the sculpture. Entitled ‘Truss,‘ this large scale piece by Jonathan Kipps is made of burnt wood and resembles a sort of complex ladder. It takes command of the room and adds an exciting element as well, being the only non-hanging artwork on view.

Jonathan Kipps, 'Truss,' Burnt wood, 2015
Jonathan Kipps, ‘Truss,’ Burnt wood, 2015

I am also a big fan of Ian Segrave’s ‘Breaker 2.‘ A series of 4 inkjet prints, there is something about this piece that instantly drew me in and it’s definitely one I would happily have at home.

Ian Segrave, 'Breaker 2,'  Inkjet print with laquer on paper, 2015
Ian Segrave, ‘Breaker 2,’ Inkjet print with laquer on paper, 2015

Truth be told, each work exudes confidence and has something bold to say, exemplifying the quality and freshness I’ve come to associate with Blain Southern.

Only on for three more days, my advice is to run to the gallery while you can, and pay as much attention as possible to the men behind the curtain. They deserve it.

image4 (17)
Deklan Kilfeather, ‘ZEPHYR (Sketch,’ Biro, oil, ink, charcoal on paper, 2015
Jamie George, 'Untitled (Not Really Now Not Any more,' Tinted Xerox pring, 2015
Jamie George, ‘Untitled (Not Really Now Not Any more,’ Tinted Xerox pring, 2015

– India Irving

‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain’ is on view at Blain|Southern until 8th August, 2015; 4 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1BP; Open Monday – Friday 10AM-6PM (Saturday until 5PM); Admission: FREE


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