Live Painting with Dotmaster to honour ‘Indigo Gets up’

In honour of the release of a new Dotmaster print entitled ‘Indigo Gets Up,’ Imitate Modern presents the famed London street artist live painting with a side of juice to boot! You heard us, this Saturday, 15th August, as part of Seven Dials juicery, Lab Organic‘s, ‘Spotlight Music, Comedy and Art Festival,’ you can catch The Dotmaster in the flesh doing what he does best!

The work itself, ‘Indigo Gets Up,’ which will be both live painted and sold as prints, is part of the artist’s ‘Rude Kids‘ series. The gallery explains the concept best: “The characters in the ‘Rude Kids‘ series are…simply too nice to ‘flip the bird’ or vandalise your walls. With teenage years looming, for now, these kids are still too sweet and without the angst to convincingly pull it off. The series captures these kids while they’re still just ‘rude kids.'” In other words, Dotmaster is giving us a taste of some rude boys and girls in the making!

'Indigo Gets Up,' Dotmaster, Street Art version
‘Indigo Gets Up,’ Dotmaster, Street Art version
Indigo Gets Up‘ is doubly fun as it depicts a young girl vandalising the ‘Mona Lisa‘ with a huge smily face. As a fan of art within art, I, for one, can’t wait to watch the magic happen come Saturday.

The edition of ‘Indigo‘ being released in conjunction with the event includes three colour ways of the artwork with two distinct versions: one pre-tagging of ‘La Gioconda‘ and one post. They are signed and embossed by the artist and range in price from £150-190.

Dotmaster new print

As you can tell from the subject matter of the work, The Dotmaster, a stencil artist, is known for his iconically British dry humour. Like other great street artists of his time, his oeuvre tends to comment on present day society and culture. He describes the city streets he still uses for a canvas as “An immediate place; a place without a mediator. Its invasion, defacement and its appreciation are ultimately a symptom of today’s society.”

So, to anyone who loves street art, humour, the ‘Mona Lisa‘ or smoothies, we’ll see you tomorrow!

– India Irving

‘Spotlight Music, Comedy and Arts Festival’ will take place Saturday, 15th October at Lab Organic, Seven Dials; 58 Neal Street, London, WC2H 9PA; 12PM-7PM; Admission: FREE


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