‘Art is an axiom and it needs the great ideas and dreams artists have to be materialised’ – Kathlyn Pagador

ArtAttack sat down with London based artist Kathlyn Pagador to discuss her artistic practise and upcoming exhibition Inside : Out.

Kathlyn Pagador, Flow, 2011
Kathlyn Pagador, Flow, 2011

How did you become involved in creating art ?

That is an interesting question. How does one not get involved? I guess the defining factor is the action oriented division between one that pursues it and one that does not. Art is an axiom and it needs the great ideas and dreams artists have to be materialised. What I mean by this is that I have always been fascinated and involved in my ideas and my dreams; my senses are filled with all the world’s sensations. I love to feel the ray of sun on my skin and I will always play. Play with ideas. I am very much aware and present and I believe in allowing oneself to be the vessel of the wonder of ideas and dreams, and to translate into a medium that most beings can connect with. At this moment I use mixed media to interpret the ideas and dreams, and the art of ‘being’. Art is omnipresent. Everyone gets involved one way or another.

 Was there a specific moment that you decided to pursue art as a career?

Pursuing art as a career came at a later stage. In fact, it was just last year. When I was diagnosed with TB, I had plenty of time to reflect. It was a wake up call. For several years it was more of a hobby and a private journey. Now it is a joy that I want to share, by changing my belief system; it is okay to let others in, it is okay for people to purchase my work. I also understand the logic of money; it makes sense to invest in what you love and keep creating as a result. It is all wonderful. To follow your passion equates to riches beyond money. It’s liberating.

It is interesting that you use a variety of materials to create mixed media paintings, as well as working in the medium of installation – what entices you to utilise these different ways of working?

I have developed my skills as an artist by going beyond the boundaries on a daily basis, from realism to minimalism and the abstract. Growing up in Asia, mostly influenced by the romantic era and seeing pictures in the bible, coming to England and being exposed to these different types of art have probably affected my style. I believe that there was always something that is beyond ‘realism’. I played around with the idea of turning away from tradition and make my art as organic as possible. At 17 yrs old I had a lover, to this day still a great part of my life, who verbalised the idea “simple yet complex”. ‘Red Queen’ is a result of the beginning of my experiments with different media. I was trying to use minimal tones, adding a touch of texture and using locally found objects as one of the greatest resources.

Kathlyn Pagador, Red Queen, 2008
Kathlyn Pagador, Red Queen, 2008

Your upcoming exhibition Inside : Out explores the branches of metaphysics, largely influenced by philosophy – when and why did these ideas become an important part of your work?

People often ask me “How do you do that?” or “What inspired you to create something like this?” or “What’s the story behind this painting?” The whole concept of Inside : Out is literally going inside my head and out of my head. The video reflects that. It’s all about the transition that happens during the creation of an artwork. All these experiences, thoughts, journeys and sensations are brought back to life through ‘sculptural paintings’. I have always applied philosophy throughout my life through constant re-evaluation. “Your life depends on your philosophy” or as Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor and philosopher puts it “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”.

Having seen some of your mixed-media paintings I was compelled by the varying texture, particularly by the almost sculptural impasto effect created – to what extent do you see these as ‘sculptural paintings’?

In all dimensions. The hybridisation of sculpture and painting is fascinating. In its own way it is a language to connect with visually, with an added element of rawness.

Kathlyn Pagador, "UNTITLED : PLANS AND CHANCES 1725", 2015
Kathlyn Pagador, “UNTITLED : PLANS AND CHANCES 1725”, 2015

What do you feel the London art scene is like for emerging artists?

I think that it is all very exciting. Lots of opportunities.There are a lot of talented beings out there. It is fantastic to collaborate with them, to share ideas and to make the world a lot more colourful. The ArtAttack app would definitely give more opportunities for those looking to get started and expand their career, or simply seeking the chance be involved with other artists. Willingness to learn is a must. Self Education is key.

Have you got any future projects / plans lined up?

In December I will be collaborating with other artists and exhibiting at 504 Gallery in Hoxton. Keep an eye out in 2016 for Four Seasons, a retrospective of all the styles that I explore that will be released in Islington throughout the year. In between I will be collaborating with other artists and trying to encourage them to pursue what makes them happy. Through this I hope to get in touch with where passion comes from, where happiness comes from. I am committed to making a difference. 2017 – 2020 I will be touring the world; America, Europe and Asia. 2020 – 2030 I will be giving back; investing in education and sharing what I learned with others to try and make a difference in their lives.

– Harry Dougall

Inside : Out will be on view from 06 – 29 November 2015 at The Mill Co Project; Gauson House, Unit 3, Markfield Road, N15 4QQ; Admission: FREE

Launch Party at Tottenham Social
Friday 6th November, 5pm-11pm
Ghanaian Street Food with Chale-Let’s-Eat
Food 6-10pm (Cash only) / Bar 5-11pm (Card & Cash)

For further info: www.kpagador.com


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