The rise of digital art – THE SEDITION ART STREAM

In our digital age art and tech have become more and more united, providing a variety of online opportunities to bring art to a wider audience. Sedition is a leading online platform where artists display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices.



Sedition now presents Art Stream, a new service that gives subscribers unlimited access to a selection of contemporary works by world renowned artists including Tracey Emin, Mat Collishaw, Elmgreen & Dragset and Jenny Holzer. Art Stream features twelve artworks at any one time that are updated weekly, allowing subscribers to experience high-definition art on their screens in their home and on the go. Subscribers will also have access to exclusive offers to purchase the artworks at favourable prices.

The Art Stream is currently available as a three-month free trial with a subsequent monthly fee of just $10. Alternatively, a one-year subscription can be purchased with 50% off the first year. Subscribers receive a high-definition stream of twelve curated artworks, including works by Wim Wenders, Mark Titchner, Liu Ye and more, in the first week. All works featured in the stream are available as limited editions on Sedition that can be purchased and viewed anytime, anywhere, on any computer, TV, smartphone or tablet.


Founder Harry Blain said of the new Art Stream, “This is a really exciting development for the Sedition iOS app. As well as being the first platform of this kind to collect and trade artworks, users will now have the added benefit of curation of key pieces, showcasing the artworks at their best”.


The first week’s Art Stream includes:

  1. I Promise To Love You by Tracey Emin
  2. The Little Match Seller by Liu Ye
  3. Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart by LIA
  4. The Chopper by Wim Wenders
  5. UP! by Mark Titchner
  6. Live With Mira Calix (Section 1) by Quayola & Sinigaglia
  7. Somewhere We Will Meet Again by Pascal Haudressy
  8. Extasis by Mustafa Hulusi
  9. Signal 1 by Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva
  10. Forever by Tim Noble & Webster
  11. Dark Place by Doug Foster
  12. Joss by Cheng Ran

Subscribe and view the Sedition Art Stream:

For more information:

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