‘‘Art is the most interdisciplinary communication medium available to humans — from mathematician to poet — a piece of art can speak to anyone.’’ ArtAttack meets ‘The Most Famous Artist’

ArtAttack is thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview The Most Famous Artist. Having followed this immensely creative Instagram account for many years, even using certain works as inspiration for university projects, the interview was a real privilege. TMFA is a collective of entrepreneur artists who come together to share, inspire and influence their viewers through various mediums of art as well as to draw focus to how social media influencers can be used to promote art and business. After some research, we discovered some art works on the account belong to the co-founder, Matty Mo, who’s concept to create this collective has caused quite a stir…

the most famous artist screen shot

ArtAttack: How many artists make up the TMFA collective and how did you all meet?

The Most Famous Artist: That is a funny question — if you look at Instagram, we have more than 85,000 followers — so we could argue that we are more than 85,000 strong.  Practically though, we are a few dozen artists that come and go as needed, held together by various projects initiated by TMFA founder, Matty Mo.  Think about TMFA as a post-internet interpretation of Koons’, Hirst’s, or even Banksy’s studio — executed by many, initiated and signed by one.

AA: What’s it like working as a group? How much input do you have on each other’s work?

TMFA: We love it.  More brains mean more brainpower.  Team members contribute as needed.  Some of us are great at oil, or sculpture, or digital production.  We harness the group’s efficiencies to deliver the best possible product, be it a marketing campaign, a mural, or a piece of fine art.

AA: You post a variety of different works on your Instagram page, where does the inspiration come from?

TMFA: Simply put, inspiration for our Instagram posts come from Instagram. We are always looking for new talent and ideas to add to the collective.

AA: We know that your goal is to change the way people think and feel about global issues. In       what specific ways do you feel your art pushes boundaries to drive this change?

TMFA: Art is the most interdisciplinary communication medium available to humans — from mathematician to poet — a piece of art can speak to anyone.  We think of art as powerful medium through which we can communicate complex ideas across languages, religions, and borders.  Think of TMFA as the platform, and the group’s collective thinking and our mentors ideas as the source message. We don’t claim to have the answers, only the ability to build the platform.  The messages often manifest when the time is right. At the moment, building audience and awareness of the TMFA brand are paramount to us.

AA: Global branding and consumerism seem to be issues you focus on in much of your work, can            you tell us more about this?

TMFA: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

AA: Does ‘The Most Famous Artist’ have any upcoming projects in 2016 that you can share with us?

Tuning into our Instagram and joining our newsletter is the best way to find out about upcoming projects. Thanks again for the opportunity to share our ideas on your platform.  All the best for 2016 and beyond.

– Charlotte Webber

For more on The Most Famous Artist, check out their website.




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