‘WELL LISTEN! WHO CARES?’ – Solo show by Magda Archer, Jealous Gallery (East)

‘First there was Manchester, then came Cardiff and now, due to an unprecedented demand, Magda Archer comes to Jealous Gallery on Curtain Road, Shoreditch with a new mix of both limited edition prints and original paintings, some of which will be available to buy for the very first time!’

YOU AND ME FOREVER O.K. | Courtesy Jealous Gallery

I had the chance to speak with Magda about her current show and hear more about her artistic practise.

How did you become involved in printmaking /creating art?

I went to Art School at 18, Ravensbourne College of Art so ‘becoming involved in creating Art’ just led on from there really. I started to make prints after much encouragement from Ruth Wilkinson & Jamie Wood at ‘Scream’, up until then I just painted and made collages, sometimes I made 3D work in boxes plus  I had done a little bit of pottery too.

Text Me Yeah (Pink) | Courtesy Jealous Gallery

Your titles are particularly striking, what are the inspirations behind them?

I’m really interested in words, how they fit together, popular words or expressions…the titles are just things I say or have over heard, I love words.

Have vintage and popular paraphernalia from western culture always been of interest for your work?

Yes,absolutely,without realising it really. Usually it takes other people to point these things out to me.

Sick of This Shit | Courtesy Jealous Gallery

I recently read that the candy-coloured scenarios depicted in your work often seem to be accompanied by an underlining ‘bitter truth’ – would you agree with this interpretation?

I’m not entirely sure but it sounds pretty convincing!  I know exactly who wrote that… Bren O’Callaghan, a Curator at HOME, Manchester, I always sit up & listen when he talks, he has something magical.

Have you got any future projects / plans lined up?

I have 2 future projects …appearing at the Art Republic Art Yard sale, part of the Brighton Festival on Sunday 5th June selling #artbargains and then,completing my album with the ‘Mega Producer’ Steve Brown.

My Life Is Crap (2) | Courtesy Jealous Gallery

– Harry Dougall

‘WELL LISTEN! WHO CARES?’a solo show by Magda Archer is on view at Jealous East, 53 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3PT, 30th April – 29th May 2016

For more information: http://www.jealousgallery.com/



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