SOLO Award Longlist is Live!

Massive congratulations to all 63 longlisted artists of this year’s SOLO Awards!


  1. Seyyed Sadegh Aleahmad
  2. Neil Ayling
  3. Catherine Baker
  4. Olivia Bax
  5. Victoria Burgher
  6. Rebecca Byrne
  7. Manuel Caldeira
  8. Bruno Castro Santos
  9. Tadao Cern
  10. Ezio Cicciarella
  11. Alicja Dobrucka
  12. James Epps
  13. Damien Flood
  14. Pat Flynn
  15. Lorraine Fossi
  16. Seán Guinan
  17. Genuardi / Ruta
  18. Ian Healy
  19. Adam Hennessey
  20. Noel Hensey
  21. Gillian Hyland
  22. Andrea Just & Neus Ledesma
  23. Elisavet Kalpaxi
  24. Simon Keenleyside
  25. Hun Kyu Kim
  26. Karima Klasen
  27. Agnieszka Kozlowska
  28. Soyoon Lee
  29. Sun Ju Lee
  30. Rosalind Lemoh
  31. Woo Jae Lim
  32. Victoria Lucas
  33. Katharina Maderthaner
  34. Karolina Magnusson Murray
  35. Antonio Marguet
  36. Enzo Marra
  37. Scott Massey
  38. James Metsoja
  39. Holly Muir
  40. Margaret Noble
  41. Liam O’Connor
  42. Ana Pais Oliveira
  43. Nuala O’Sullivan
  44. Jinyong Park
  45. Milly Peck
  46. Mike Pelletier
  47. Milan Rai
  48. Irmina Rusicka
  49. Serdar Seven
  50. Alexandra Simpson
  51. Emanuel Strässle
  52. David Temchulla
  53. Giovanni Termini
  54. Fabian Treiber
  55. Sabina Tupan
  56. Tom Verity
  57. Sonja Vordermaier
  58. Relli De Vries
  59. Ziling Wang
  60. Christina West
  61. Lewk Wilmshurst
  62. Mary Wintour
  63. Farniyaz Zaker

The judges received submissions from 570 artists worldwide and went through approximately 2,850 works of art before making this longlist selection.

The shortlist, which will consist of 15-20 of the above artists, will be announced in the next few days. 

These shortlisted artists will then be invited to send more detailed submissions and proposals through to the judges, who will carefully consider these and choose their winner by some time in June

The eventual overall winner will be invited to make new work for next January 2017, where they will show at an exclusive stall at the London Art Fair.

We look forward to following this exciting award all the way through until then!

– India Irving

For more information on the SOLO Award, visit their WEBSITE.


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