A New Trading Platform For Art — Welcome to the World Artex500!

It’s time for investors to consider art an asset class, just like stocks, bonds and commodities,’ Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics, New York University

We at ArtAttack couldn’t agree more with the above statement as we urge our users to invest in emerging art partly for the excitement of watching it grow in value. For this reason, we are excited to share with you the new London based fintech company, ARTSTAQ’s latest platform, Artex500, a new exchange model enabling investors to acquire and trade art as an asset class in real time anywhere in the world.

Just like our own app ArtAttack – Share Sell Network, the first social network for art e-commerce, the Artex500 platform is the first of its’ kind and we applaud the innovation and are really excited to try out the product, which provides independent market data and valuation along with other investment parameters free of charge, and has been designed both for those experienced in art investment as well as first timers. The platform is supported by ARTSTAQ’s unique technology for automated quotation and real-time rating.

ARTSTAQ’s CEO Jozef Barta, former head of UniCredit Bank (Slovakia) and proud Harvard MBA grad, is confident about his new exchange model, predicting it will disrupt the art world standard, enticing traders, family offices, hedge funds, banks and other institutions to invest in art for the first time. This of course would enlarge the market and bring greater transparency (which many are calling for) and liquidity to the sector.

Artstaq - Jozef barta landscape.jpg
Jozef Barta

Barta explains, ‘The art market is currently worth $63.3bn, but because of the lack of transparency 97 per cent of professional investors don’t trade in it. We believe that ARTSTAQ platforms and the new art exchange model Artex500 will change that. If just 10 per cent are convinced, the art world will treble in size, which is great news for everyone, especially the galleries, artists and collectors.’

We agree with Barta that further transparency can only be a good thing! After all, the more people buying art (and in turn supporting artists and galleries), the merrier!

Congratulations to the team at ARTSTAQ!

– India Irving


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