Paris Ackrill: ArtAttack’s Artist of the Week

ArtAttack is proud to present our latest ‘Artist of the Week’Paris Ackrill. Paris holds a Masters in Anthropology with Development from the University of Edinburgh, and is currently furthering her practice studying for a Fine Art Masters at Chelsea College of Arts.  She is currently showing at the RA’s Summer Exhibition.
Artists of the week are selected by the ArtAttack team from the diverse and eclectic group of artist users on our app. To discover more of Paris’s work download the app here.

How did you become involved in creating art?

On my sixteenth birthday my mum gave me her old Pentax K1000 from the seventies. It’s still one of my favourite cameras. It’s incredibly basic and sturdy which lets you to play around with a lot of ease and flexibility. The lens is dented, it’s been run over by a pram and all sorts of things but still going strong!
After my A-Levels I spent three months living in a remote mountain village in Tanzania. I was shooting incessantly during the trip and on my return was pretty excited with the results. One of these photographs went on to win a prize with National Geographic Traveller. Since then it was just about getting a sense of what direction I wanted to take my practice in. Talking to people in the industry was so helpful – once you’re on the road of pursuing your passion I feel people tend be placed on your path who can guide and inspire you. People are always very kind and generous with advice. I tried out a few different things, dabbled a bit in fashion and as life unfolded I found what really had meaning for me. It took years to gain clarity that I could to do my own thing and to gather confidence enough to call myself an artist – which was quite a loaded term to me. It was quite a surprise that life was unraveling in this direction…
What inspires / motivates you?
World peace! I know it’s very cliche and optimistic, and that I sound like I’m in an American beauty pageant! But I’m not kidding… I’m interested in spirituality. I meditate everyday, do yoga and practice different forms of energy work and healing.
Creation, nature, ancient wisdom, environmentalism, self realisation, happiness, healing, deep satisfaction, community, love, peace… Love all of it! Learning about my creative abilities in the sense of psychic powers and inner power. I believe that change starts within the individual so to make the world a better place we need to learn about ourselves. For example learning about when and why we act in immature and selfish ways… Most, if not all of the problems in the world stem from human ego so I do things which help me to exercise my peace muscles! By no means am I perfect – in fact I’m perfectly imperfect – but everyday I’m more aware and accepting of my imperfections. As Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”. I’m definitely being taken on a journey. It’s a real blessing when things start to connect and make sense. When you tap into the great mystery it’s like coming home… In a nutshell my work is about sharing these openings of peace and joy.
How would you describe your artistic practice?
Earthy, spiritually aligned, dreamy, painterly, honest and positive. I’ve been working with video recently which enables me to be more propagandistic. But generally I try to engage with people on deep, subtle levels – and in ways which have a feel good factor…
You hold a Masters in Anthropology with Development – in what ways did this experience / what you learnt inform your work?
Studying anthropology really opens your mind to all ways of thinking and seeing the world so I suppose it’s opened me up to the vast realm of human experience…. I feel it almost makes you more accepting and compassionate of various human behaviours. I’m interested in what connects us, the underlying principles behind everything and what we can learn from each other. I’m especially interested in indigenous wisdom too, people who still have what I see as a rather accurate perception of how things really work in the world. Especially in regards to things like living with the earth, respect, sharing, healing and balance.
Tell us about your experience at The Other Art Fair 2016?
I’ve loved exhibiting with The Other Art Fair. Ryan Stanier is a wonderful person and has such a great team of people working with him. It’s very different from a lot of art fairs in London too. It’s more quirky with lots of interesting bits for everyone, whatever your taste. The Other Art Fair team are also really supportive. I’ve met some fantastic artists and people to share my work with. It’s a real joy to be able to stand with your work and talk about it with people. It seems obvious, but as a young artist those moments can be fairly few and far between.
Have you got any future projects / plans lined up?
At the moment I’m focusing on finishing an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. The final show is in early September – please do come along! After that hopefully travelling for a while with my partner – we go on spiritual seeking adventures which involve ashrams and sacred sites. I’m always combining making work whilst expanding my spiritual practices and healing abilities. The two go hand in hand. Hopefully some residencies after that… Canada has been on my radar for a while. I’ve been offered a residency at a world class Sri Lankan retreat centre which will be wonderful. I’m longing to connect with elephants, and whales for that matter. Nature is my studio so hopefully spending as much time as possible with my feet feeling the earth.

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