ArtAttack is Crowdfunding!

Today is the day! ArtAttack‘s Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign has just gone live!

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 3.23.15 PM.png

For those who didn’t know, our team has decided to crowdfund to raise £100,000 to enable us to continue to grow, bring more fantastic artists on board and make the app even better. The fundraising is through HMRC’s incredibly generous SEIS scheme, more on that here.

We are reaching out to everyone in our network to get involved in this exciting opportunity, which will help take ArtAttack to the next level.

Features to be added once funds are in place include video capability so artists can include studio tours as part of their profiles, improved search functionality, personalised curating services for buyers and an art news section giving app users everything art related in one place.

The ease of use and facility of the app speaks to a new generation of digitally savvy artists, gallerists and collectors, and is set to become the social hub for the emerging art market.

Whereas most online art platforms are currently limited to a traditional marketplace format of direct buying and selling, ArtAttack engages its users – whether artists, galleries, or collectors – with the social aspects of the art world.

Users can discover, follow, and personally interact with both emerging and established artists through comments, likes and reposts. Artists are not limited to posting finished works, but can also share works in progress, images of their studios and of their inspirations. An ‘artist’s diary’ of sorts, ArtAttack gives followers an insight into the artist’s world.

It is this level of social engagement that makes ArtAttack unique in the ever-growing art and tech market.

‘Crowd funding with Crowdcube felt like the perfect fit for us, because our app speaks to a generation of people who understands the power and potential of the social network as a tool for success,’ explains ArtAttack co-founder, India Irving. ‘Our app gives student and emerging artists a platform to build a solid career foundation, which is quite similar to what Crowdcube offers to startups.’

ArtAttack co-founder Alex Lebus goes on to express, ‘For the collector, ArtAttack offers gallery quality art at below gallery prices, so it’s really a win-win situation for everyone.’

Learn more and get involved here!

– India Irving




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