Friday evening solved: Magnum celebrates 70 years embracing digital art with Sedition at the Barbican

Magnum Photography continues to push boundaries in collaboration with innovative digital art platform Sedition Art.

Magnum Photography, the cooperative boasting legends such as Martin Parr and Werner Bischof, have teamed up with Sedition Art, the digital art platform, to form a year long partnership presenting both iconic photographic and video work from Magnum’s 70 year long history.

United by their defined and distinctive authorships [Magnum] have taken on a new relevance in the digital space and the billions of images uploaded to the internet every day.

– Anne Bourgeois-Vignon, Global Digital Director of Magnum Photos

The Barbican is hosting a discussion, Digital Territories,  where Sedition’s Director Rory Blain, Magnum’s Global Digital Director Anne Bourgeois-Vignon and Magnum and photographer and publisher of Burn Magazine David Alan Harvey will explore the online space as one to make, share exhibit and essentially provide a home for photography. Alongside the discussion, a set of fifteen works will be released to coincide with this, including by photographers Werner  Bischof, Martin Parr, Tim Hetherington and Dennis Stock.’

Eve Arnold, 1962, Malcolm X in Illinois, USA

“Digital Territories: Photography in the Online Environment” will take place at The Barbican in the Frobisher Auditorium 1 on Friday March 24th, 2017, at 7pm. Booking for the event is available here.

Magnum Photos 70th Anniversary will be celebrated with a global programme of events throughout 2017, including an official anniversary exhibition & book ‘Magnum Manifesto’ published by Thames & Hudson.




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