A £10,000 prize will make this year’s HIX Award more exciting than ever!

The HIX Award is back this year and more exciting than ever with a £10,000 cash prize to be awarded to the overall winner thanks to new sponsors Coutts and Baxterstory! The award itself is even designed by art world legend Damien Hirst so artists, we’d suggest you get submitting as soon as possible!

The annual emerging art award, which is open to current students and recent graduates of UK art colleges alike, was created five years ago by restaurateur and art aficionado, Mark Hix, to give young artists a platform to showcase their work and take their first steps in their professional careers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.06.34 PM.png
Mark Hix

Part of the draw of the award is the opportunity for the winner’s work to be showcased in a solo show at the edgy HIX ART gallery space in London’s Shoreditch. Last year’s first prize painter Joshua Raz‘s exhibition will take place later this year.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.03.05 PM.png
Last year’s winning painting by Joshua Raz

We had the opportunity to speak with Mark Hix himself about his award and the unique opportunity he provides for young creatives.

ArtAttack: What inspired you to start the HIX Award?

Mark Hix: I’m all for supporting emerging creatives and with my love of the art world it makes sense to support them with an interesting competition.

AA: When did your interest in emerging art begin?

MH: I’ve always collected art; mainly the Brit art crowd and younger. Like many collectors I feel that unless you buy what you like how else would the artists survive and get on.

AA: You must be thrilled about the new £10,000 prize. What do you hope this large sum of money can do for the winner of this year’s prize?

MH: Upping the stakes with the fantastic help and support of Coutts private bank and BaxterStorey will make the HIX Award more fun and obviously rewarding for everyone.

AA: As a collector, can you tell us a few things you look for in a work when considering a purchase?

MH: Art is a matter of personal taste and you have to buy what you feel comfortable to have hanging on your walls. It’s not always about the investment but I will say that although I’ve never sold anything myself, it does pay off.

Submissions for the HIX Award are open until 23 July. To submit or for more information: http://www.hixaward.com/



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