January Joy: Discover JR’s work at Lazinc

Sackville Street’s newest gallery, Lazinc, is marking its launch with a multidisciplinary solo exhibition from the French street artist JR.

JR – GIANTS, Mohamed YOUNES IDRISS from Sudan, Flamengo. Close-up, © Comité international Olympique, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016

JR’s work and his often collaborative approach, continues to go from strength to strength,  and continues to reach new audiences. He has recently made headlines with his work on the Mexico border and then again when his work work best documentary prize at Cannes 2017 for a film with the legendary Agnes Varda.

JR’s installation at Lazinc.

The exhibition demonstrates the full-cycle of JR’s installation practice – from his works’ inception to its outdoor execution, and it is particularly interesting to understand how process and inspiration come together in his famous work – he is not the first person to bring art out of the gallery but his is certainly one of the most effective, one of the most iconic. An excellent excuse to get out and about on a miserable January weekend, anyone interested will have no trouble finding the gallery as JR is reproducing his GIANTS installation on the exterior of the gallery, standing out from the nearby hedge-funds and John Nash architecture.

JR and his work on the US-Mexico border

Lazinc brings together contemporary art specialist, Steve Lazarides, founder of Lazarides, and eminent art collector and notable art collector, Wissam Al Mana. Building on the existing Lazarides business, Lazinc adds a flagship gallery in Mayfair to showcase its roster of acclaimed artists including: JR, Invader, Todd James, Mark Jenkins and Vhils promoting uninhabited, expressive and disruptive artists.

JR and Agnes Varda

If you haven’t seen it yet, JR’s TED talk is a great way to start understanding something of what drives the artist.




12 January – 28 February 2018

29 Sackville Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 3DX
+44 (0) 207 636 5443


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