‘A big goal would to be able to create a change in the diversity and representations of race in fashion imagery.’ – ArtAttack meets Jazz Rakkar.


ArtAttack have had the privilege of recently meeting Nottingham Trent arts graduate, Jazz Rakkar. This young photographer specialises in fashion, beauty and commercial imagery. Jazz’s approach to photography commonly has themes surrounding form, the pose and classic photography styles. During his time at university, he also explored and researched themes regarding race and identity in fashion. Having studied with Jazz myself, I have had first hand experience watching his passion and talent develop.

I have had the chance to ask Jazz some personal questions about his photography for everyone to gain an insight into his process.

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‘Myths are a link to a collective past of symbolism and meaning’ – Joe Machine at CNB Gallery

CNB Gallery present Britannic Myths, the gallery’s second solo show by the acclaimed British artist Joe Machine.

3. Math, Son Of Mythonwy, 2015, Courtesy the artist and CNB Gallery
Math, Son Of Mythonwy, 2015 | © Joe Machine. Courtesy the artist and CNB Gallery

The twelve paintings that make up the exhibition have been created in collaboration with the academic and writer Dr Steven O’Brien, and are based on a dialogue around his soon to be published book, Britannia Stories.

I had the chance to speak to Joe about the exhibition and his artistic practise.

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‘I am just fascinated by what makes humans behave’ – ArtAttack meets Teresa Wells

Teresa Wells is a prolific award-winning sculptor, who also uses drawing in her installation work. Inspired by a moral upbringing, she possesses a fascination for the question, ‘How do humans behave?’

Teresa Wells, House of Cards | Image Courtesy Artist

Her work is made to reflect the consciousness of all humans regardless of nationality, and use of text illustrates her intrigue with human stories. After working on large scale installations / sculptures up to 4metres in length, Teresa has recently moved to a more intimate scale, 50 cm in length, where she explores domestic scenarios and disconcerted connections in human relationships.

I had the chance to speak to Teresa about her artistic practise and recent exhibition at the 2016 Art Rooms Fair.

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‘If you have the talent then it will happen’ – ArtAttack meets Tal Booker

Tal Booker is a digital artist from London who has been exploring various areas of graphic design including fashion design, corporate design and logo design. More recently, Tal has become focused on his digital art which involves the formation of unique and sometimes witty digital prints.


I had the chance to speak to Tal about his work and the state of London’s emerging art scene.

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The London Art Fair 2016: Everything You Need to Know

The London Art Fair (21-24 January), the UK’s premier fair for modern British and contemporary art, returns to the Business Design Centre in Islington for its’ 2016 event.

The Fair will showcase museum quality modern British art alongside contemporary work from today’s leading artists, covering the period from the early 20th century to the present day.

In addition to the main Fair you’ll also find two curated sections focusing on younger galleries, new work and contemporary photography; Art Projects and Photo50.

London Art Fair logo

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‘I’m a definite heart before head girl when it comes to art’ – ArtAttack Meets Juliette Loughran

The beautiful and dynamic Juliette Loughran started working in the fashion industry, before moving to the luxury car industry (family business), but it was her passion in the art world that inspired her to set up the Loughran Gallery. Juliette’s vision is to present work with longevity and innovation and it’s this uncompromising vision that has grown her business both with UK and international collector bases.


I had the chance to speak to Juliette about Loughran Gallery and the state of London’s emerging art scene.

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Essex Road II – Art and Film Combine

Essex Road II at Tintype gallery builds on their hugely popular inaugural event last year, with an array of leading artist-filmmakers providing compelling films.

The second edition of Tintype’s Essex Road Project is comprised of eight specially commissioned short films, each inspired by the North London street from which the project takes its name, and where the gallery is also located. With subjects ranging from Helen Benigson‘s visceral celebration of the female ritual of the hen night, to Uriel Orlow’s film based around  playwright and author  Joe Orton’s fictional alter ego Edna Walthorpe, filmed on his doorstep.

I had the chance to speak to Tintype director Teresa Grimes about the project.

Exterior, Tintype gallery, Essex Road (project), 2014. Photo-Cameron Leadbetter. Courtesy Tintype
Exterior, Tintype gallery, Essex Road (project), 2014 Photo: Cameron Leadbetter | Courtesy Tintype

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