‘Do it for yourself, and hope it resonates with others’ — an exclusive interview with LA street-artist WRDSMTH

ArtAttack had the chance to visit the studio of one of our favourite LA street artists, WRDSMTH, to discuss his practice, inspirations and what it’s like to be an urban artist in Hollywood.

Tell Stories WRDSMTH.jpg
Courtesy of WRDSMTH

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Becoming A Street Artist: LA-Based ‘WasNMe’ Shares His Story

I wonder how many people reading this have ever sat down and thought, “Hmm, I could be the next Banksy.” The truth is, there is major appeal in street art — the secrecy, the rush, the message, the money. Many individuals, both artists and non-artists (think Mr. Brainwash), have been attracted to the art of graffiti, whether for creative, adrenaline-based or financial reasons. But as up-and-coming LA-based street artist WasNMe will tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems!

We sat down with the British-born ex-photographer who is now making his mark (literally!) on the streets of Los Angeles to talk about his journey and get an inside look into what it’s really like trying to make it in street art.

Courtesy of WasNMe
Courtesy of WasNMe

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‘The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing’ – Raymond Salvatore Harmon, Abstract Numerology, 11/11/15

ArtAttack sat down with American artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon to discuss his upcoming fundraiser exhibition Abstract Numerology.

All proceeds of the show will go to help fund the inaugural Beta Culture grants that will be open for submission the first week of January. The Beta Culture grant will fund artists/curators/writers and independent spaces with micro-grants from £500 to £1000.

A great opportunity to buy art and support the arts community: https://www.facebook.com/events/1495074467486697/

Abstract Numerology, 11/11/15, RSH
Abstract Numerology, 11/11/15, RSH

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Live Painting with Dotmaster to honour ‘Indigo Gets up’

In honour of the release of a new Dotmaster print entitled ‘Indigo Gets Up,’ Imitate Modern presents the famed London street artist live painting with a side of juice to boot! You heard us, this Saturday, 15th August, as part of Seven Dials juicery, Lab Organic‘s, ‘Spotlight Music, Comedy and Art Festival,’ you can catch The Dotmaster in the flesh doing what he does best!

The work itself, ‘Indigo Gets Up,’ which will be both live painted and sold as prints, is part of the artist’s ‘Rude Kids‘ series. The gallery explains the concept best: “The characters in the ‘Rude Kids‘ series are…simply too nice to ‘flip the bird’ or vandalise your walls. With teenage years looming, for now, these kids are still too sweet and without the angst to convincingly pull it off. The series captures these kids while they’re still just ‘rude kids.'” In other words, Dotmaster is giving us a taste of some rude boys and girls in the making!

'Indigo Gets Up,' Dotmaster, Street Art version
‘Indigo Gets Up,’ Dotmaster, Street Art version
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Manga Meets Politics at ‘Artpusher: I Love Mangahattan’

Last Thursday, we were lucky enough to be taken on a private tour of Artpusher’s recently-closed  show ‘I Love Mangahattan‘ at MeadCarney, Mayfair. For those of you who don’t know his work, Artpusher is one of the new wave of European street artists whose works look sharp both in the gallery and on the streets.

Artpusher’s influences range from his father, an accomplished watercolour painter in his own right, to Picasso, Basquiat, Warhol and Koons, along with Street Art gurus the likes of Ron English, Banksy and Blek Le Rat. These inspirations can be seen in the size, scale and detail of his photorealistic works, which draw on pop art, street art and comic books (specifically Japanese manga) to create large-scale cityscapes focused on the consumerism of New York and Times Square. His works draw the eye to commercial inconsistencies; brands are warped, logos destroyed and reassembled. Irony practically drips off each piece and the humour is apparent. His are definitely works you spend awhile on rather than zoom past.

‘Broadway Sure Thing,’ Artpusher, 2015

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