A Language All Her Own: Franciszka Themerson at l’etrangere

It seemed to me that the interrelation between these two sides: order in nature on the one side, and the human condition on the other, was the undefinable drama to be grasped, dealt with and communicated by me. – Franciszka Themerson, Bi-abstract Pictures, 1957

One of our favourite London gallery’s, l’étrangère, is coming to us November 4 with a brand new solo exhibition of paintings drawings and calligrammes by Franciszka Themerson, a seminal figure in the Polish pre-war avant-garde.

Calligramme XXIII (fossil); Black, gold and red paint on paper, 1961

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Painting has always played a Part in My Life- ArtAttack Interviews Christian De Wulf.

ArtAttack‘s next The Other Art Fair artist interview is particularly unique and will undoubtedly capture attention due to artist Christian De Wulf‘s original trade, psychotherapy. De Wulf uses this background extensively in his creative process, interpreting his understanding of the psyche into imaginative pieces of art work.

The Belgium-born artist believes that the underlying psyche of an individual is not easy to determine and in his work, looks at what happens if you magnify those inner-most thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Personally, what I find most interesting about De Wulf is that he is not just an artist/art lover, but works alongside seemingly non-art related personal interests to create his works. Of course, his collections resonate in modern society due to the extensive connection between art and therapy and the contemporary use of art therapy. 

What first appears quite simple — acrylic paint and canvas — involves a great deal more than meets the eye and we are delighted to share this with you.

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“A real sweating needs to take place in terms of personal development before any progress is made” – ArtAttack Interviews Raymond Salvatore Harmon

ArtAttack sat down with London-based, American artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon (of whom we are now proud collectors!) to learn about his latest gripping work, ‘Elliptical Confinement’, hear his expert tips for young London artists and generally take in his vast art world wisdom.

EC-RSH 1.jpg
Raymond Salvatore Harmon, ‘Elliptical Confinement,’ 2016

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‘The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing’ – Raymond Salvatore Harmon, Abstract Numerology, 11/11/15

ArtAttack sat down with American artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon to discuss his upcoming fundraiser exhibition Abstract Numerology.

All proceeds of the show will go to help fund the inaugural Beta Culture grants that will be open for submission the first week of January. The Beta Culture grant will fund artists/curators/writers and independent spaces with micro-grants from £500 to £1000.

A great opportunity to buy art and support the arts community: https://www.facebook.com/events/1495074467486697/

Abstract Numerology, 11/11/15, RSH
Abstract Numerology, 11/11/15, RSH

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An Unforgettable Night of Art in Mykonos

There are certain experiences that come but once in a lifetime, and one that’s topping my list at the moment is visiting an art gallery in Mykonos after midnight. There was something almost ethereal about seeing art in the wee hours of that Grecian morning — perhaps it was the rosé I’d had at dinner, or getting blissfully lost in Mykonos town on my way to the show, the friends I was with, the intimate size of the gallery — the list goes on. But the fact remains that despite dreamy hours on the beach and refreshing swims through crystal waters, endless amounts of tzatziki and seafood ad infinitum, my almost-1AM trip to Minima Gallery, was without a doubt a major high point of my summer holiday, and one I will never forget.

The most memorable part of the exhibition itself, which will be on view until 30th September, is a collection of paintings by American artist, Jeffrey Kroll. The abstract works are a feast for the eyes, with their bold use of colour and Jeffrey’s exquisite ability to portray light. It really feels as if sun rays are bouncing right off the canvas.

Jeffrey Kroll at Minima Gallery
Jeffrey Kroll at Minima Gallery
Jeffrey Kroll at Minima Gallery
Jeffrey Kroll at Minima Gallery, Photo Courtesy of Minima Gallery 

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