The 2016 SOLO Award Shortlist Has Been Announced!

It’s official: WW Gallery‘s SOLO Award 2016 shortlist has been announced!

The following 17 international emerging artists have made the cut this year, selected from an original 2,850 submissions and then a long list of 63:

  1. Olivia Bax
  2. Ezio Cicciarella
  3. Alicja Dobrucka
  4. Damien Flood
  5. Ian Healy
  6. Adam Hennessey
  7. Victoria Lucas
  8. Karolina Magnusson Murray
  9. Antonio Marguet
  10. Holly Muir
  11. Milly Peck
  12. Giovanni Termini
  13. Tom Verity
  14. Sonja Vordermaier
  15. Relli De Vries
  16. Ziling Wang
  17. Mary Wintour

The overall winner, announced mid-June, will receive the exceptional prize of a solo stall at the London Art Fair  2017, a truly rare and unique opportunity.

2 Ezio Cicciarella -Untitled, sculpture in pitch stone..jpg
Ezio Cicciarella – ‘Untitled’, Sculpture in pitch stone. 
5 Ian Healy_The_Miracle-oil_on_paper-50x62.5cm.jpg
Ian Healy – ‘The Miracle’, Oil on paper.

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Shapero Rare Books Goes to TEFAF!

This year’s TEFAF is home to a new and exciting must-stop stand thanks to renowned  Shapero Rare Books, setting up shop.

Shapero Stand 02.jpg
Courtesy of Albany Arts Communications

The London-based rare book and print dealer’s purpose-built stand designed by JSI Design Ltd.’s own  Jamieson Innes, in collaboration with Bernard Shapero himself, definitely ‘hits the wow button,’ which Shapero explains was his goal for the structure, one that will now accompany him to antique and art fairs worldwide. Shapero rightly explains that ‘one of the challenges of fairs is to stand out,’ and this stand definitely does the trick! Both eye-catching and lusciously contemporary, the structure is engaging and immersive, inviting viewers to step in and take in the magic.

Courtesy of Albany Arts Communications

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Back to Black – Kapoor vs The Rest

To the wrath of his fellow artists, Anish Kapoor confirmed last week that he has gained the exclusive rights to Vantablack, the blackest shade of black ever made.

The material is so dark it makes crinkled aluminum foil appear flat

Known as ‘Vantablack,’ the carbon-based substance is so dark that it absorbs 99.96 percent of light. The colour is produced by the UK firm Surrey NanoSystems and was developed for military purposes such as the painting of stealth jets.

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