ArtAttack Launch Exhibition Artists Announced!



Massive congratulations to the 7 artists officially chosen for the ArtAttack Launch Exhibition from our #HangInChelsea competition.

The artists are:

  1. Massimo Agostinelli. American-Italian, but London-born artist, Agostinelli, is known for his ‘Word Play | Text Art’ works which have been exhibited in galleries in London and New York and are held among collections in major cities across 5 continents.

2. Samin Ahmadzadeh. This Iran-born artist and CSM graduate’s background in street       photography is combined with a passion of expressing her personal views on sociological and cultural matters of her country. Her practice continues to evolve with a specific focus on archival collections of her family’s cultural history.

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Looking In: Katharina Marszewski’s ‘All Eyez Inn’ at l’étrangère

With her latest exhibition, ‘All Eyez Inn,’ opening tonight at l’étrangére, Polish-born artist, Katharina Marszewski, seeks to highlight what she considers to be an absolutely integral condition of our humanity: the act of looking in.

Through work that incorporates sculpture, screen printing and photography, Katharina has created an installation showcasing our contemporary reality, which melds together the past, present and future.

4. Katharina Marszewski, Here Comes the Intuition, 2015 © Katharina Marszewski. Courtesy the artist and l’étrangère.jpg
Katharina Marszewski, Here Comes Intuition, 2015 c. Katharina Marszewski. Courtesy of the artist and l’etrangere.

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Markus Karstiess: When Beauty and Abject Bind Together


ArtAttack would like to introduce you to renowned German sculptor, Markus KARSTIESS, in anticipation of his second show at Bruce Haines Mayfair opening this week.

The exhibition is comprised of three distinct bodies of work by KARSTIESS.

5. Markus Karstiess, Hannibal Doe, 2009
 Hannibal Doe, 2009. Ceramic, platinum glaze, white gladioli (Gladiolus) H 65 cm. © Markus Karstieß/ VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015. Courtesy the artist and Bruce Haines Mayfair


The first, his signature memento mori (remember that you can die), reminds us of our mortality and the vanity present in a contemporary society based so strongly on appearances. Living in excess within our consumerist society, we think of ourselves as immortal, like the immortal plastic flowers that flourish in our living rooms come rain or come shine. In these works, KARSTIESS brings us back down to earth, and puts emphasis on our mortality through the hopelessness and beauty of nature; he places a flower inside each vase, which is allowed to naturally perish over time. In this way, the artist reminds us that we as human beings are like real flowers not fake ones; we will one day fade and die. The titles of these vases, all borrowed from the ‘Doe family,’ suggest that they stand as a memorial for the unknown dead that have fallen into the oblivion of our ephemeral memory. The artist’s incredible knowledge of the material and techniques allows him to push the boundaries of the clay, making these deformed organic vases simple, yet significantly disturbing.


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