Art & Music – ‘Rhythm’ at Imitate Modern

In the words of famed contemporary Broadway composer, William Finn, ‘You gotta have heart and music.’ Take out the ‘h’ and the ‘e’ to make ‘art and music’ and I’d argue the phrase still strongly applies. It seems as though the curating team at Imitate Modern would agree as they present Rhythm, a multidisciplinary exhibition opening 31st May at their Piccadilly space.

Cody Choi, Self Portrait.jpg
Cody Choi, Self Portrait

The show pays homage to the arts in a wider sense with an exciting collection of works featuring musical icons Prince, Bowie, Elvis and Michael Jackson. But aside from portraying real life music artists, the work on view also celebrates the wider purpose of music and rhythm in our lives, reminding us of its’ vitality, universality and great importance.

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Live Painting with Dotmaster to honour ‘Indigo Gets up’

In honour of the release of a new Dotmaster print entitled ‘Indigo Gets Up,’ Imitate Modern presents the famed London street artist live painting with a side of juice to boot! You heard us, this Saturday, 15th August, as part of Seven Dials juicery, Lab Organic‘s, ‘Spotlight Music, Comedy and Art Festival,’ you can catch The Dotmaster in the flesh doing what he does best!

The work itself, ‘Indigo Gets Up,’ which will be both live painted and sold as prints, is part of the artist’s ‘Rude Kids‘ series. The gallery explains the concept best: “The characters in the ‘Rude Kids‘ series are…simply too nice to ‘flip the bird’ or vandalise your walls. With teenage years looming, for now, these kids are still too sweet and without the angst to convincingly pull it off. The series captures these kids while they’re still just ‘rude kids.'” In other words, Dotmaster is giving us a taste of some rude boys and girls in the making!

'Indigo Gets Up,' Dotmaster, Street Art version
‘Indigo Gets Up,’ Dotmaster, Street Art version
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ArtAttack Interviews Artist Paul Oz on His Ode to the 80’s, Formula 1 & Engineering Past

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Arriving at Imitate Modern’s new space at 90 Piccadilly on Saturday 6th June, I am excited to check out artist Paul Oz’s portraits of the most feared and adored 80’s icons. Assembled for ‘80s KID‘, Paul’s first UK solo show now on view at the gallery, the works are vividly coloured, highly textured and pulsing with an unmistakably 80’s energy.

Set against white walls, Maggie Thatcher catches my attention first, her deep-set eyes seeming to call me up the long staircase, with that signature Maggie flair, a combination of traditional British elegance coupled with a gentle gaze and slightly pursed lips.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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Brighten Your Day (Literally!) At Raymond Salvatore Harmon’s ‘ACID’

On Tuesday February 3rd  I woke up to snow outside my window, the once bare branches of the trees that line my North London road, covered in a delicate layer of white. Though picturesque, and massively grin-inducing to the LA girl in me — “OMG SNOW!” — all I wanted to do really was bury myself beneath the duvet and emerge in Spring.

Nonetheless, as the new saying goes, ArtAttack must go on, so I bundled up like the pro layerer that I am, drank the hottest almond milk capp possible, and headed out into the winter wonderland. Naturally, by this time the snow had melted, but I felt frozen nonetheless and as I trudged through Marylebone on my way to Imitate Modern I hoped with each blink to open my eyes to sunlight.

Walking into 'ACID' at Imitate Modern, colour already pouring out through the door.
Walking into ‘ACID’ at Imitate Modern, colour already pouring out through the door

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