Hand-painted animation Van Gogh Biopic seeking artists!

Having studied film at my alma mater, USC, and now working in art, there are few things I can think of that excite me more than the upcoming Vincent van Gogh documentary, Loving Vincent. Not only is this cinematic feat to come an in-depth and personal peek into the impressionist master’s life compiled from information taken from 800 of his letters, but is also the first ever feature length painted animation film.

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ArtAttack in LA: 3 Favourite Shows from our Recent Visit to Lalaland

After two weeks being spoiled by the LA sunshine, ArtAttack is back in London and back on the blog! For those who haven’t traveled to the City of Angels lately, I’m happy to report that the art scene is booming. To give you an idea of the diversity and depth of LA’s art world, here are three of our favourite shows from this most recent visit.

1) Otis College of Art & Design, MA Graduate Show

As you’ve probably noticed already, uni shows are a soft spot for me. I find few things as exciting as discovering emerging talent, and school exhibitions are of course some of the best places to do so. This particular show took place in the Otis College graduate students’ own studios, so the vibe was casual — works in progress mingling with completed pieces, and tables filled with candy, food and drink lining the hallways. Like any show, I did not love everything I saw, but the thing is, the pieces that did stand out to me, are still at the forefront of my mind almost 2 weeks later — that’s definitely a testament to the talent in the room. Here are a few of these works:

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Impressionism Through A New Lens: Paul Durand-Ruel at The National Gallery

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘museum’ as “a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.” You will note that the buying and selling of these objects is entirely absent in the definition, despite the fact that most museums do in fact purchase much of their collections.

The idea that museums are above anything commercial is widespread, especially in the art world, so seeing The National Gallery dedicate an entire exhibition to Impressionist art dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel, is a thrilling faux pas. And in entitling the show, ‘Inventing Impressionism,’ the London institution goes a step further, giving absolute and well deserved credit to the visionary for the success of what is now one of the most well known and beloved periods in art history.

'Race Horses,' Edgar Degas, Oil on canvas, 1866-68
‘Race Horses,’ Edgar Degas, Oil on canvas, 1866-68

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