‘Daydreaming is really underrated’ – ArtAttack interviews the duo behind ‘Flood House’

This Saturday, 30th April, sees the launch of another event in the Radical Essex programme, ‘Flood House,’ an architectural design project conceived by Matthew Butcher with accompanying events/commissions curated by Jes Fernie in collaboration with Focal Point Gallery. 

The structure itself is an investigation into the living conditions of the seasonally flooded landscape it will inhabit, a floating collaboration of art and architecture that is both a projected dwelling for a floating habitat, as well as a labaratory to monitor local environmental conditions.

The exciting commissions to be presented include an artwork by Ruth Ewan entitled ‘All Distinctions Levelled,’ which is a weathervane attached to the ‘Flood House’ itself.

ArtAttack had the chance to speak with both designer, Matthew, and curator, Jes, to get some more insight into this exciting and evocative project.

1 Flood House, 2016, Photo Brotherton-Lock.jpg
Photo Brotherton-Lock

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A Fresh Approach: Ruth Ewan’s ‘Back To The Fields’ Takes On French Republican Calendar

It’s always great to see an exhibition that feels completely fresh, and Ruth Ewan‘s ‘Back to the Fields,’ is one such show. Sponsored by the Henry Moore Foundation and on view at Camden Arts Centre, the installation is meant to bring to life the French Republican Calendar, a total re-think of the Gregorian calendar stripped of all religious associations, which the French government utilised post-revolution, from 1793-1805.

Ruth Ewan, 'Back to the Fields' (2015)
Ruth Ewan, ‘Back to the Fields’ (2015)

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