Artist to Watch Mark Dziewulski Opens Moving Show in London

Mark Dziewulski, recognised by Robb Report as one of the world’s top thirty architects, makes a bold foray into the arts with a new series of paintings and sculptures now on view at Gallery Different (14 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DR) from 26th April to 1st May 2018.  The new work launched at the Venice Biennale 2017, and has now made its way to London for its UK debut. Dziewulski’s work is next set to travel to New York, Seoul, Busan and Daegu this year, so make sure to catch it first here in London.


The main body of works on display are abstract portrait paintings that Dziewulski refers to as “painted digitals” that intend to capture his subjects’ life-force, or their ever-changing motions and emotions. His art is imbued with visceral architectural themes, testing the limits between figurative representation and abstraction.


Dr. David Anfam, one of the world’s leading experts on Abstract Expressionism (who was consulted as the go-to expert on the particularly contentious Rothko art forgery case), has likened Dziewulski’s work to the Wallace Stevens poem, “Life is Motion,” drawing on its central themes of movement, memory and time.

London born, Dziewulski’s UK exhibition has particular personal significance. For art aficionados interested in meeting Dziewulski, the San Francisco based artist is due to attend the Closing events on the 30th of April.


Mark Dziewulski: Layers of Self is on view at Gallery Different (14 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DR) 26 April-1 May

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