Free Range Shows: Stunning Student Photography at the Old Truman Brewery

Last Thursday 12 June, I made my way to Free Range Shows at the Old Truman Brewery for a fantastic exhibition of graduate photography.

Here are some of my favourite works:

Trevor Coultart, ‘Childhood’

Trevor Coultart, 'Childhood'
Trevor Coultart, ‘Childhood’

The striking colourful backgrounds and accompanying nostalgic quotes from the toys owners, offer fun mediation on childhood memories. (

Lucia Hrda, ‘Traces’

Lucia Hrda, 'Traces'
Lucia Hrda, ‘Traces’

Nostalgia was also visible in Lucia Hrda’s work in which she created a self-portrait in her great-grandmother’s likeness to explore genetic legacies and celebrate the individuality which this forges. (

Julie Derbyshire, ‘Fragile Alchemy’

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.32.05 PM
July Derbyshire, ‘Fragile Alchemy’

Julie Derbyshire’s soothing photographs really stood out with the pastel colours complimenting the delicate compositions of the series. (

Edurne Aginaga, ‘Lie Down’

Edurne Aginaga, 'Lie Down'
Edurne Aginaga, ‘Lie Down’

I fell in love with Edurne’s playful use of colour, perspective and objects. Avoiding digital manipulation, each work arrested my attention as I tried to figure out how it had come together. (

– Alex Lebus

Although this particular exhibition has ended, various editions of ‘Free Range Shows‘ will be on view at the Old Truman Brewery until 13 July; Ely’s Yard, 15 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR; Open Friday – Sunday: 10AM – 7PM, Monday: 10AM – 4PM, Private Views Thursdays 6PM – 10PM; Admission: FREE

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